About Us

About Us

Winter Fox is an active member of the Los Angeles Ski Council and of the National Brotherhood of Skiers (NBS)

WFSA-Winter Fox Ski Association Inc. was founded in 1978, is dedicated to advancing and promoting the sports of skiing within and across the Los Angeles area. We currently have over 100 members and are constantly growing. We also have an active Youth Group which involves youngsters in the sport. Winter Fox is an active member of the Los Angeles Ski Council and of the National Brotherhood of Skiers (NBS), which hosts the biennial “Black Summit,” a national convention of over 80 predominantly African-American ski clubs from across the U.S. In addition to our active winter schedule, Winter Fox is also active during the summer and enjoys such activities as cycling, scuba diving, tennis, golf, camping, and white water rafting.

We are committed to NBS Youth Programs Improving the Lives of Youth through Winter Sports.

Our meetings are held on the First Thursday of each Month – 7 PM at our NEW LOCATION – Mavericks’ Flat in the second floor dining room. (4225 Crenshaw Blvd., just south of MLK.)

Our History

Winter Fox Ski Association (WFSA) was founded out of a desire to have an organization, which embodied the energy, personalities and values of the twelve founding members.     Their intent was to introduce snow skiing to the Black community, to enjoy the many new friendships that would result from their endeavors and to create an organization based on camaraderie, common interests and fun.

The first meeting was held at Hobo Joe’s in Culver City in the summer of 1978 (unofficial birth date – July 1, 1978), with approximately 50 prospective members and guests in attendance.    Eighty percent were non-skiers.    During the meeting, the first governing body was elected and the distinctive name, “Winter Fox Ski Association” was selected.    Under the direction of this first administration with Phil Lindsay as President, Fay Stamper as Vice President, Twyla Parker as Secretary, Joe Lewis as Treasurer and Gerald Tarver as Membership Chair, Winter Fox grew and was incorporated on April 30, 1980.    In the early years, ski trips were routinely by bus, primarily to Mammoth Mountain.

In 1979, WFSA participated in its first Black Summit sponsored by the National Brotherhood of Skier (NBS).     Winter Fox Ski Association was formally admitted to the NBS as a fully participating club in the same year.     By this time, the club had selected winter colors of black and gray, and summer colors of blue and gold.    WFSA also adopted a motto and invited all to “Ski with the Fox.”

For 25 years, the WFSA membership grew from the original twelve to a high of over 300 registered and associate members.    In that time, Winter Fox was viewed as one of the Premier Clubs in the NBS and the “Foxes” were recognized for a variety of distinctive paraphernalia wherever club members skied.

Winter Fox experienced a decline in membership beginning in 2005, as long-time members replaced passions for skiing with other recreational interests, particularly golfing and travel.    In 2011, the club began reorganization efforts and to date, WFSA has over 70 active members.     In May 2012, WFSA began a new era, as Libby Williams was elected President, and replaced Ida Cochrane whose current term began in 2003, with a commitment to ensure that Winter Fox Ski Association maintained a presence in the NBS.

Winter Fox continues to be a year-round recreation organization, sponsoring ski and non-ski activities including, but not limited to camping, bicycling, roller skating, picnics, cruises, wine tasting and an annual labor day house boat trip.     Much is owed to the vision of the original twelve and the countless others who not only believed in Winter Fox Ski Association, but also gave so much of their personal time and energy to the life of the club.

Calendar of Events

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